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HOLBY VALVE now offers a Cleaning Tool for each valve size Contractors are giving us rave reviews for the perfect tool

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Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves

Focused on simple, durable valve design, Holby has engineered high-performance tempering valves for over eight decades. Continually refining our valve products to ensure total customer satisfaction, our commitment to quality and dependability is unparalleled. learn More

Offering robust functionality, Holby Tempering Valves meet the controlled hot water needs of hotels, multi-family residences, commercial facilities and more. Each valve is constructed entirely of bronze and copper, and is precision-engineered for ease of maintenance and proven longevity. Read More

The Holby Tempering Valve is available for purchase from product representatives around the U.S. and Canada. To order Holby Valve products or locate a valve dealer in your area, click here for a state-by-state listing. find A dealer